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Configuring Mutt for Gmail server

Mutt is a very old and reliable command line mail user agent used for multiple Operating Systems including Linux.

It have lots of amazing features, very much user friendly and supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP etc.

This post is to configure gmail in mutt, since gmail is a widely used EMail system. Any Linux developer who wish to contribute to kernel should send the patches from a non-HTML based email system (bye bye web mail..). So if we have mutt configured in terminal, it is very easy to attach sources and send mail.

Configuring Gmail

1. Go to gmail web -> Settings ->Forwarding and POP/IMAP
a) Enable POP Download
b) Enable IMAP access.

2. Install mutt in your machine.

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What is Shellshock vulnerability

In This Article

  • This article is about what is the security vulnerability known as shellshock.
  • How an exploit can happen

What is ShellShock vulnerability

ShellShock is a the vulnerability in bash, a most commonly used shell (command line interpreter) programmer in Linux. An exploit of this vulnerability is possible by arbitrary code execution (ACE). Any service in a target system which is pass the arguments from client machine to a bash to process (ex; bash cgi script) could be vulnerable.

A sample exploit

Lets see a sample case of ShellShock exploit

on machine A with bash (currently my bash version is 4.2.39(1) ) and apache server installed (and running)

create file: /var/www/cgi-bin/test.cgi with following content

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