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PageFrames.com is the place where you can learn in-depth about various topics like Programming, Linux Kernel, Algorithms, IT Trends, Reviews etc.

The Vision of PageFrames.com

This site helps you to improve your technical skills. You can learn Linux Kernel programming, Algorithms, Programming Languages and new development in technologies etc with us. You will find this site resourceful and we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us to help us to improve this site. You can also suggest the topics and technologies of your interest which, if coming under the scope of the website, will be taken forward and presented in this site as articles or lessons.

About me:


I am Soorej P (Computer programmer, Linux enthusiast)
Originally from Kerala, a beautiful state in India presently working with a reputed MNC in Bangalore, India. I always liked to learn new stuffs and share my knowledge among other who are interested in similar areas.
I believe knowledge shared is knowledge doubled,  hence I have started this web site to share knowledge and learn more though it.

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